Friday, April 27, 2012

Desert Beauty

Sometimes people have trouble seeing the beauty in our desert. When they arrive, all they see is the color brown. What visitors may not know is that sometimes you have to get close to the ground to see the color. When you do, you will be amazed! Check out the flowers on a barrel cactus.
There is a large variety of plants that survive our dry, arid conditions.
The yucca is New Mexico's state flower.
The occotillo shows off bright, orange blooms against a typical blue sky.
It is kind of mind boggling when you think about these hearty plants surviving in an area that only receives an annual rainfall of 8.5 inches.
As a native New Mexican, I revel in the vast, open spaces.
It is impossible for me to look at a rock formation like this one and not know, without a shadow of a doubt, that there is a God who precariously positioned those boulders.
There is something thrilling about the wild beauty you find in southern New Mexico. The girls love it when they find flowers to pick!
Every once in a while we get these bright yellow poppies that cover the ground.
It is a treat to find such colorful ground cover.
Hope you enjoyed the view from my corner of America, the Wild West!


  1. Those are the things that made us fall in love with New Mexico!! So glad we landed in this corner of the U.S.!

    1. And I'm so glad you're my friend! :)

    2. I'm glad you're my friend too. Just think, we would never be friends if you had not moved to our brown state! ;)

  2. Did you take all these pictures? They're beautiful!

    1. I did take them all, with my cruddy point-and-shoot. Would you please tell my husband I NEED a real camera for graduation? Or maybe after the adoption...or after all the kids go off to college...