Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spring Storm

If you do not live in New Mexico, you may not be aware of what a little spring storm might look like. We had one just the other day, so let me tell you what happens.

First, you hear the thunder and you make the mistake of assuming it is not actually going to rain because after all, you live in southern New Mexico where you get an annual rainfall of 8.5". Then the sky opens up five seconds later and dumps freezing cold rain and hail. You mentally kick yourself for not believing the thunder and run out to rescue the chickens whose home in the backyard is quickly becoming flooded.

Soaked to the skin, you start to blow dry the chickens because they are even more freezing than you, if that is possible. You are struck by the irony that you don't blow dry your own hair, but you blow dry chicken feathers.

After the rain and hail stops, you go outside to assess the damage. Besides the fact that your driveway is currently being washed down the flash flooding arroyo, there doesn't seem to be any damage.

You are reminded why a mini-van is probably not the best choice for your next vehicle.

Then you acquiesce to your daughter’s request to go jump in the puddles. After all, her nap has already been cut short by the cracks of thunder and there is no hope she will go back to sleep.

Next, you take a few minutes to soak in the beauty of a desert willow covered in rain drops.

You breathe deeply the fragrant smell of the creosote after a rain.

Lastly, you think how blessed you are to live in the desert, wild storms and all.

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  1. I'm so glad you took a picture of you blow drying the chickens! That made my day :)