Friday, June 29, 2012

Playful Playroom

The most important thing to me about a playroom is that it encourages and inspires creativity. Both of the girls love art, so we proudly hang it. We switch it out as they make new pieces and I tuck the older pieces away in a file with their name and a date on it. Someday I am going to have to choose a couple of really special pieces and toss the rest, but for now I just file it away.

They had a blast decorating the ART. These cardboard letters (found at Hobby Lobby) are perfect for gluing all kinds of things like beads, crayons, dried flowers, and the list goes on.

Clara painted this picture when she was four and I love it.

The girls did this about six months ago and I love how this turned out! It would be fun to do this every year or so and see how much they have grown.

I tried to pull in primary colors into the playroom so if the girls ever end up with a brother, it would work for him too. Of course if that ever happens, we will get rid of the banner of flowers.

This jar for knick-knacks has saved my life. You know all those little toys that are so hard to find a home for (think finger puppets, yo-yos, tiny stuffed animals)? Now I just throw them in here and put my guilty conscious to rest because they are organized in some fashion.

In keeping with the theme of encouraging creativity in play, Chris built this wonderful puppet stand for Christmas. Clara is the driving force behind naming and developing the story line behind the puppet shows and she enlists Addie's help to perform them. The common theme running through the majority of these shows is that a prince saves the very pretty princess (or two) and they live happily ever after. I guess we need to expand their puppet collection!

I love storage bins for organizing toys. Since Addie doesn't read, it is helpful to have the bins labeled with different shaped stickers. I can tell her "Put those toys in the bin with a house on it."

We need to add more storage and seating to this playroom as well as a few more decorative elements. However, it serves its purpose well for now.

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  1. This is a GREAT playroom. Very organized yet kid friendly at the same time. Good job!