Wednesday, March 28, 2012

True Confessions

I agree with my friend Holly. Life on the internet seems to be about image management. I have also seen the opposite happen where “bold” blogging turns into verbal venting regarding loved ones and all dirty laundry is aired for complete strangers to see. My hope is that this blog will fall somewhere in the middle. It should be a place to be honest, but also a place to uphold my husband, children and others in the greatest respect.

So with that said, here are some true confessions. They are not going to be the worse things I have ever done in my life, but they definitely won’t be my finest moments either.

It has been several (best to be vague at this point) weeks since I gave my master bathroom a thorough cleaning. Somehow it always ends up being the last room in the house to clean.

Just this week I calculated how much longer my kids could go in our 80+ degree weather before getting out their summer clothes.

Even with a huge (comprehensive departmental) exam in in less than two days, I am procrastinating on studying by writing this blog post. My aptitude for procrastination is the bane of those around me.

For dessert, I gave my kids six chocolate chips each. Then when they went to bed, and I pulled out the good, dark chocolate bar with sea salt. I would like to confess how many squares I ate, but that would be divulging a bit too much information.


  1. Your master bathroom is not that bad, Angela. Next time I'm over at your house, I'll be sure to find an excuse to use it again. :)
    Thanks for participating in this little link-up. I totally hear you on the chocolate thing. You could give yourself chocolate rewards for hours spent studying for your exam! Good luck by the way!

  2. Holly, you are great inspiration to clean my master bath! I need to have you over soon. ;)