Monday, March 26, 2012

Bit of Bragging

Missy, from It's Almost Naptime, (whose blog I love so much that sometimes I secretly think about visiting the big, ole state of Texas just to hunt her down) has a good point. Moms should brag on their kids sometimes (or at least on Mondays).

Personally, I have tried to avoid bragging about my kids too much. I think they are all kinds of awesome, but I didn’t want other people to get that glazed over look when I started talking about my kids and what they do and do well. It might be kind of a protection mechanism for me to joke about their imperfections. Then people won’t think I am one of THOSE moms who won’t stop talking about how their children are so far superior to everyone else’s kids. The truth is that my kids are pretty average, but sometimes they do amazing things that make my heart burst with pride and joy. So I think it is a great idea to record some of those things to remember for posterities’ sake.

Today my oldest daughter wiped my youngest daughter’s bum. Now that is love.

My kids have an amazing way of making me laugh. Today at the dinner, my five-year-old told me she wanted to be a dancer, a dolphin trainer, and a singer when she grew up. My two-year-old hemmed and hawed for quite some time and finally announced she was going to be a giraffe when she grew up.

My five-year-old daughter prays almost every night for people who do not have homes to live in, food to eat, or mommies and daddies to love them. My two-year-old prays almost every night for her “brudder” or “sister” in China (and sometimes she adds a specific request that she will get a sister because “we don’t have any brudders in our house”). The littlest one also often prays for little kids who don’t have mommies or daddies. My girls' childlike compassion is so humbling.

So here is the link to her blog hop if you want to join in. .


  1. Your kiddos are precious :) Lord that we would have their hearts.

    It reminds me of a story once that Lysa TerKeurst talked about - something like, her daughter flopped on a math test and she was upset about it. And then God reminded her that her daughter was the one who prayed every night for orphans in other countries, and really, which was more important? I think about that a lot - we are changing who our kids are, how the see the world, what they consider 'normal.'

    And whenever you're in Texas hunt me down so we can get together and chat about this in depth :)

  2. Thanks Missy! I would love to hunt you down when I am in Texas, but after this week, I am steering clear of Texas! ;) You know, New Mexico is relatively free of natural disasters if you want to move away from the tornadoes.

    I have been following your blog for a while now. When I read your posts, I pray you bring home your daughter soon.