Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Summer Heat

What is a mother of restless kids going to do on a day with a high of 106 degrees Fahrenheit? Hit the pool, that's what! We had planned to go hiking, but when it was already in the high nineties in the early morning, we nixed that idea.

Good thing we did because we had a blast!

Clara is brave and jumped right into that cold water!

She even tried doing some back flips off the diving board.

Addie prefers the quiet scene on the edge of the pool. She would rather stick her toes in the water than be completely submersed.

After we cooled off, we came home to enjoy the perfect summer meal.

I found this recipe for very tender pulled pork. I used a pork shoulder (about eight lbs.) and added about four cups of root beer. After it cooked for about seven hours on high in the slow cooker, I pulled the meat off the bone, removed all the fat, and drain the juice. Then I added two more cups of root beer and barbecue sauce and let it simmer for another hour. There was enough meat to bring a meal to a family who had just had a baby and eat leftovers for several days.

Then I made this pie for our family since I was already making one for the family with the new baby. We froze it and it was the perfect cool ending to a super hot day!

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